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How to create account?

First of all you need to register your account:

Get started with Holderlab
Holderlab get started page
  • Fill in the empty fields with your: Holder Name, e-mail, Password, Repeat password and Promo code.
  • Carefully read terms of use, privacy policy and apply them. Then press “GO” button
Holderlab registration
Holderlab registration page
  • Go to your e-mail and open mail from “Holderlab” for verifying your account by clicking on the link.
  • After activating your account, you automatically go to the Log In page, where you need to fill in your email address and password.
Holderlab login
Holderlab log in page
  • You can recover your password by clicking on the “Forgot password”

Now you create your account in Holderlab

Updated on May 27, 2019

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